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Can Young Life work in small towns?

YES! And it's so important!
Teenagers in small towns experience the same thoughts and feelings as teenagers in big urban city centers.
  • How do I fit in?
  • Do I matter?
  • What is my purpose?
They are searching for someone to live life with them, in their unique setting, and chat about how faith and life work together.

Did you know...?

  • In the United States there are 18,025 small towns. ​
  • There are over 32,000 schools in small towns; 18,000 are secondary schools.
  • 21 percent of the U.S. population lives in small towns.
  • 94 percent of the total square miles of the U.S. (3.4 million square miles) are considered rural.
  • At-risk behavior statistics in rural communities are identical to urban centers.

Small Town Facts:

  • Many small town high schools adjust schedules around the harvest or hunting seasons.
  • The nearest Walmart may be over an hour away.
  • The local high school may have special parking for students’ tractors or horses.
  • It is a community event when a new fast-food restaurant opens!
  • Young Life leaders have been known to reschedule summer camp dates to not interfere with the County Fair.

Focusing on communities with fewer than 25,000 residents, the Young Life Small Town/Rural Initiative exists to ensure that kids in small towns don’t miss out on the friendship of a caring adult, the fun of going to club every week, the excitement of spending a week at a Young Life camp, or the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ in terms they can understand from an adult they know and respect.

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